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DTS Food Assurance specialises in testing, inspection and certification services for manufacturing industries such as the meat, dairy, seeds, confectionery, and beverage sectors.

DTS is one of the leading food assurance service providers in Australia, utilising large food microbiology and chemistry laboratories, as well as an extensive inspection and certification scope. With more than 60 years of experience, DTS continually offers  support to food processing companies from the farm to the consumer.

Serving some of Australia’s largest food and beverage companies, DTS Food Assurance helps ensure your products are safe for distribution.

Latest news

VITAL® 3.0 ONLINE TRAINING – 7th July 2020

Due to an overwhelming response to our first virtual VITAL 3.0 Training, we are scheduling our next training session on 7th July 2020. 

If you had missed the earlier session, you can still benefit from our interactive and informative training with Jasmine Lacis-Lee. So register now and join us for this online training by contacting Susan Teo at steo@dtsfoodassurance.com.au or (03) 8371 7689. 

Click here to download the event flyer.


DTS Food Assurance is Rebranding to BVAQ

An update for our valued clients on our new brand name and logo

As a result of our successful integration into the Bureau Veritas AsureQuality Joint Venture we are excited to announce that effective from 1 July 2020, DTS Food Assurance will adopt the BVAQ brand name and logo, throughout our businesses in Australia.

You will begin to notice the BVAQ logo featured on our reports, certificates, invoices, customer portals and marketing materials. This will replace the current DTS Food Assurance logo.

However, all DTS Food Assurance’s legal trading entity names will remain unchanged. Therefore, all our legal documents, such as contracts, master service agreements, pricing agreements etc., will remain valid and the terms unchanged.

With this rebrand, we renew our commitment to our core values of safety, ethical integrity, service excellence and technical expertise. We are proud to have received consistent feedback from our customers that these values are recognised and add value to your business.

This strategic alliance will continue to enable us to deliver more agile solutions in the future as we benefit from the global footprints of Bureau Veritas and AsureQuality in Agri-Food services and their international food testing operational expertise.

How will this impact you?

  • BVAQ logo will be applied to reports, certificates, invoices, portals and marketing materials.
  • Contracts & agreements remain unchanged.
  • Bank accounts, registrations and certifications remain unchanged.
  • Contact numbers, account managers and customer service contacts remain unchanged.
  • Excellent service levels to continue.

We are confident this will not affect any aspect of our valued relationships with our customers. Should you have any questions or concerns whatsoever regarding the changes outlined above, kindly contact us on 03 8371 7600 or sales@dtsfoodassurance.com.au.


Updates on Essential Services Status 

As part of our Business Continuity Plans (BCP) we are continually reviewing and monitoring the COVID-19 situation.  As Australia and the individual states commence implementing escalating restrictions in response to COVID-19, some businesses have exemptions to ensure “essential services” continue as announced on the 22-MAR 2020.


We are currently in active discussion with the Victorian government to confirm verbal agreement on DTS Food Assurance (DTS) being listed as having “essential service” status for our  2 largest laboratories in our network, which are based in Melbourne.  We are also in contact with the other local state governments for our regional laboratories to ensure that DTS is considered an “essential service” and as such is provided with special exemptions and assistance to ensure essential services continue to be provided to our clients, should the situation change in the future.

We understand the role that we play in ensuring the safety of food products is critical to the supply chain, even more so at times like these.

We are further reviewing our operational model to ensure compliance with strict requirements under the “essential services” provisions and this may include further changes to our operational model.

Further updates will be provided as more information is available.

DTS Food Assurance COVID-19 Pandemic Planning and Actions Update

Like everyone in Australia and the broader global community, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation.  We are facing challenges the world hasn’t seen before and as the situation evolves each day our newly formed COVID-19 Task Force are reviewing measures being taken based on the advice from the World Health Organisation and other government authorities.As DTS Food Assurance continues to evolve its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) a range of actions under this plan will be implemented by Monday 23rd March 2020, helping to ensure the health and safety of our people, our clients and the wider community. These plans are summarised below:


DTS BCP is activated and a COVID-19 Task Force established
The COVID-19 Task Force has been communicating daily; reviewing the latest information available, and assigning implementing business changes as required. The team comprises of the full Executive Leadership Team, National Operational Managers and key representatives across the business.

Laboratory Operations
Designated split shifts, and full physical separation of shifts across all Victorian operations has commenced.
Other measures have also been activated such as; strict segregation and quarantine measures between laboratories, isolation of sample delivery points, segregated staff entry/exit points, restricted access of non-production staff and non-essential external service providers, along with enhanced hygiene protocols and staff screening.
Our regional laboratories have also reviewed their operations to ensure segregation of staff, along with the implementation of the above measures.

Staff and Personnel
Advanced succession and contingency plans for technical staff and managerial personnel have been enacted. This ensures we provide maximum support to our operations, so we are able to continue to deliver testing services whilst protecting our teams

Inventory and consumables
DTS Food Assurance has been in constant and close contact with our key suppliers to guarantee a continuity of provisions for testing. At this time, our suppliers have not expressed a major concern for critical supply, however we have enacted the following: full review of current/future stock level requirements, activation of our secondary and tertiary suppliers, and increased consumable inventory holdings.

Service Delivery
The activation of fully segregated split shift throughout DTS Food Assurances largest laboratory in the group is a significant change to our operational model and requires flattening of our workflows and procedures. Modelling has shown there should be minimum impact to service delivery, and test turnaround times, as detailed below. This change has been instigated taking into consideration the health and wellbeing of our people, our customers and partners; and to help ensure we maximise the continuity of our critical food safety service during these unprecedented times.
They don’t change our commitment to your business or our valued partnership.

Impact Summary to Test Turnaround Times

Department Testing Group Suggested Impact Other Comments
Minimum Maximum
Microbiology Pathogens No change + 24hrs  
Quality Indicators No change + 24hrs  
Chemistry Nutritionals No change Restricted Emergency Testing
Instrumental No change
Physicals No change
MAS Compositional No change + 8hrs  
Quality No change + 8hrs  
GMO / Allergens GMO / Allergens No change  
Regional DTS Laboratories   No change Applicable to DTSQ, DTSN and DTSW

We understand the critical services DTS Food Assurance provides and every effort is being made to provide continuity of service to our clients. We will be continuously monitoring the situation as it evolves and will adjust our plans and actions accordingly.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or your usual point of contact within. We will be in direct communication again if we believe there are material changes.


Inspection and Certification services

Our latest flyer on the Inspection and Certification services offered by DTS is now available. DTS Inspection & Certification_0817

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