Technical Specialists

Our Team

We take pride in the high levels of service and quality we deliver to our customers every day. In a complex and ever changing landscape, our team of talented technical experts are available to provide invaluable advice and support to our customers.

Robin SherlockRobin Sherlock, Technical Manager Allergens / FACTA
Robin is the Technical Manager for DTS FACTA (Food Allergen Control Training Analysis). Robin has a background in medical laboratory science and has more than 25 years’ experience in clinical microbiology and food science. She has had extensive experience in the area of food allergen analysis and brings a broad knowledge of the food industry and analytical issues to her role at DTS and also as Vice-President of the Board of The Allergen Bureau.

Lee KennedyLee Kennedy, Technical Manager Chemistry
Lee leads the Technical Services team at the Chemistry Centre. He has over 35 years industry experience including 25 years in analytical consulting laboratories. He joined DTS in November 2011, and is responsible for providing technical support to the chemistry laboratory, our clients and the sales team. He is an Authorised Analyst under the Victorian Food Act and Health Act for the chemical and physical analysis of food, water, drugs, substances and other articles, and Approved Analyst under Section 81 of the New South Wales Food Act 2003. Lee is a former partner in Dunn, Son and Stone and a NATA Technical Assessor (Food Chemistry).

Tass KaralisDr Tass Karalis, NSW Business Unit Leader / Microbiology Technical Specialist
Tass joined DTS in July 2015 to lead the our recently launched NSW operation. Tass has extensive experience in the food microbiology industry, with a particular focus on working with clients to identify issues and implement industry best practice. Tass has a PhD, Applied Biosciences (Microbiology) from the University of NSW, is a current Committee member of the AIFST Food Microbiology Group (NSW), and a member of the Australian Society for Microbiology. He is a Nata Assessor/Auditor (Biological) and a Certified Public Analyst.

Margaret TentserMargaret Tentser, Technical Manager Microbiology (VIC)
Margaret has more than 30 years of experience in food microbiology. Margaret graduated with a Science degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry from the University of Melbourne and joining DTS as a junior microbiologist in 1987. Since that time Margaret has been a key contributor to the growth and success of DTS, with roles in laboratory operations and management, innovation and technical services. In her current role, Margaret is responsible for providing our clients with technical advice and support, including provision of suitable methodologies and interpretation of complex specifications/results. Margaret is a member of AIFST, DIAA and IAFP, and has been part of Standards Australia Committee FT035 – Food Microbiology since 2011.

Jasmine Lacis-leeJasmine Lacis-Lee, Technical Manager Microbiology (QLD)
Jasmine joined DTSQ in July 2015. She brings almost 20 years’ experience as a microbiologist and over 15 years’ experience working in the food & beverage industries. Jasmine is a customer-focussed professional with significant first-hand experience providing support to manufacturing teams in relation to microbiological risk assessments, trouble shooting, equipment installation and validations, operator training in food safety risks, GMP and internal audits. Jasmine is outcome driven and gets great satisfaction from making a difference – whether it be helping a trainee to understand the reason for cleaning or seeing a product produced for the first time on a new manufacturing line.

Len DaviesLeonard Davies, Council Manager
Leonard is a specialist in labeling and legislation. He is an Authorised Analyst (Chemical and Physical Analysis of Food, Water, Drugs, Substances and Other Articles) and an Approved Analyst (Chemical and Physical Analysis of Food). He has over 45 years experience in Analytical Chemistry as a Public Analyst in Australia and the UK. Len is a former partner in Dunn, Son and Stone. He was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry and “Scientist of the Year” by AsureQuality Australia.