Customer Centre

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At DTS Food Assurance, we are committed to providing exceptional experiences for our customers. We’ve developed the Customer Centre to assist you to understand what support and reporting systems available to you.

The Customer Forms page lists all our standard forms for download. You will find information such as our terms and conditions, sampling information guide and consumables order form.

Sample Pre-registration

Pre-registration is the most efficient method of sample registration. It removes any ambiguity relating to sample descriptions and testing requirements and means that the sample is processed at registration and submitted to the laboratory with no delay.  If you would like to be set up for pre-registration please speak to your Business Development Manager.

Accessing your results

DTSLive is a web-enabled Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). DTSLive is the DTS implementation of the Web interface for LabWare. DTSLive clients can access their results, view and print historic reports, monitor monthly spend, and perform product trending. Results are available in real-time – as soon as a test is authorised at the departmental level it is available in the DTSLive interface. DTS has over 300 active customer accounts using DTSLive.

If you would like training on the system or would like to format specific reports for your business please contact your Business Development Manager.

Turn around times (TATs)

Our goal is to achieve greater than world class standards with a 98% rate of delivery on QA checked test results provided on time. This is measured monthly.

Core competencies and areas of specialisation

DTS Food Assurance has the largest food microbiology and chemistry laboratories in South East Asia with a team of over 400 dedicated staff members. We have over 20 senior staff members with technical expertise in a variety of disciplines including allergen testing, allergen risk management and training, chemical analysis and consultation (including forensic analysis) and microbiological analysis and consultation. We can also conduct method development projects to assist our customers.

Sample logistics

If required, we can assist with sample collections via our various courier subcontract arrangements. We can accommodate pickups in the metropolitan areas of Melbourne and Brisbane and this can also be accommodated on weekends as needed. Collections can be booked via (Melbourne and Sydney) or (Brisbane).

Customer service and account management

DTS Food Assurance has 20 qualified and experienced Chemists, Microbiologists and Food Technologists in Client Service and/or Technical Support (non-testing) roles to ensure our customers are provided with reliable and experienced support.


DTS Food Assurance can configure our LIMS to set up multiple accounts by site and/or cost centre as required. Our LIMS also has the capability to send invoices both as a summary and fully itemised based on testing for a defined time frame. The issue of invoices will be electronic and sent to the required contacts for approval. If invoices are required to be reported with PO this can be configured into our process. Customised reports such as “Spend by test” and “cost centre” can be created at your request.