Allergens – FACTA


FACTA (Food Allergen Control Training Analysis) provides analytical, consulting and training support to assist with allergen risk management. Our laboratory uses internationally accepted methods to determine the presence of ß-lactoglobulin (milk whey), casein (milk solids), crustacea, egg, gluten, lupin, selected tree nuts, sesame and soy. FACTA has the presence of a wide range of food allergens including but not limited to milk testing services in Australia and New Zealand. We have the knowledge and expertise for all your Allergen testing service needs.

About Allergens

Food allergens are typically naturally occurring proteins in foods that can cause abnormal immune responses in sensitised individuals. Milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, fish, shellfish, soy and cereals containing gluten are the food groups responsible for causing the majority of concerns.


The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code requires those foods (and their derivatives) that most commonly cause allergic reactions to be identified on the food label. There is no tolerance for any amount of undeclared allergen in food products sold in Australia and New Zealand.


Since the introduction of mandatory labelling for allergens, there has been a significant increase in allergen related recalls. In 2017, more than 49% of food recalls were allergen related and this trend continues to date.

Allergen Training

FACTA provides customized training, giving your team the knowledge and tools to manage food allergens in your production environment. FACTA is endorsed by the Allergen Bureau to provide training on VITAL 2.0. Update your staff and suppliers on the latest in food allergen management and compliance, and provide them with an insight into living with food allergies.