Chemistry Testing

DTS Lab 1072

The Chemistry Centre in Melbourne consists of Instrumental Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nutritional Chemistry, Physical and Food Forensics. Our Chemistry testing scope is the most comprehensive of any food testing laboratory in Australia, covering a vast range of analyses (over 1000 test methods) across all major food matrices as well as waters.

We address current and emerging market drivers affecting our industry including nutritional panels, micronutrients, minerals, label claims, legislative advice, residues and contaminants through to stability trials and analysis of physical parameters.

Our state of the art facility is equipped with modern technology and our techniques include both standard and classical methods as well as the most recent instrumental technologies such as LC-MS-MS.

We have a dedicated team of technical experts, with extensive experience in the food safety and quality assurance industries. Our facility operates 7 days with extended daily operating hours to provide our clients with the quickest possible test turnaround times.