Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Services

DTS Lab 1158
Our state of the art Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) laboratory supports our food industry partners through the qualitative and quantitative detection of genetically modified organisms. Using real time polymerase chain reaction (RtPCR) technology, analysts can rapidly screen and detect the presence of genetically modified material at very low levels. Our tests are conducted in raw materials and/or processed foodstuffs for the Australasian and South East Asian regions.

We have a close partnership with GeneScan Europe AG who pioneered GMO testing and have provided analytical services to the international food and agricultural industry for over a decade. This means we have access to a European bioinformatics team that scans the world for new GMO’s and their possible entry into the market place.

The most effective way to determine the presence of GMO’s in seeds, food and feedstuff is to detect the presence of modified DNA. Our GMO team can test for all commercialised GMO plants in the world and standard screening tests can detect over 90% of GMO plant varieties in the marketplace.

Our ability to offer the very best GMO testing technology for the Australasian food and agricultural industries means we can respond to customer demands with internationally recognised GMO testing methods.