Risk Mitigation

DTS Lab 0746

The leading cause of product recalls in Australia is the presence of undeclared allergenic material, microbial contamination and labelling errors. As our industry faces increasing pressure to minimise costs, many food manufacturers have been forced to reduce costs and this often leads to a loss of expertise and corporate memory in Quality Assurance and Food Processing knowledge. This knowledge loss is exposing many of these companies to an increasing risk of recalls. This is why Risk Mitigation Services is important to limit the impact of these issues.

We have a comprehensive range of technical and analytical resources, skills sets and industry knowledge to help our customers. Our team of resident experts can provide technical and practical advice when a problem occurs or identify where gaps may exist. Our approach is targeted to individual customers and extends across trouble shooting, risk identification, review and profiling, gap analysis, consultation and training.


  • Indication for specific site testing and advice regarding sample numbers
  • Raw material evaluation, storage and batching area assessment, and cleaning validation protocols
  • VITAL2 training
  • Assessment for the effectiveness of existing systems and procedures
  • Sample matrix validation
  • Recall and Out of Specification investigations

Non-Compliant Labelling

  • Consultation and review
  • Ingredient listings, pack claims and general compliance with FSANZ, Weights and Measures and ACCC regulations

Microbiological Contamination

  • Shelf-life protocol and testing program design
  • Assessing appropriateness of testing undertaken
  • On-site troubleshooting
  • Risk review and reporting


  • Impact of formulation, process, packaging changes on product safety and suitability
  • Assessment of suitability of third-party audits
  • Food forensics
  • Biosecurity
  • Public analysts and expert witnesses