DTS Lab 0806

DTS Food Assurance provides a number of services that are undertaken by its consultants as natural extensions to our core work.  Through these services DTS adds value to its analytical service offering to become a complete quality partner for clients.

Innovation through Applied Science

DTS Food Assurance monitors global and local trends affecting our industry to ensure we have asset platforms in place when the major trends commercialize in Australia. We partner with our customers along their supply chain to become an advocate for their business through brand protection from source to market.

Our substantial Relationship Management and Client Services team deliver a proactive industry outreach program. This ensures our customers receive constant communication and invitations to participate in continuous improvement programs that drive efficiency.

Innovation through Technology

DTS Food Assurance aims to offer the best service and continuous improvement through our technology platforms. Our investment strategy in new equipment and technology is geared at increasing speed of service and quality as well as addressing macro and micro trends which will impact the industry.

Innovation through IT

Testing is DTS Food Assurance’s core business, rather than an auxiliary function to support a manufacturing operation.  As such, significant focus has been made on the information technology systems to ensure these support both the needs of the analyst internally and of the customer.  Development has centered around automation, interfacing, compliance and efficiency.  We believe these systems greatly enhance the value of our testing services to customers while facilitating our internal testing procedures.

Our team is unrivaled in their knowledge and understanding of our LIM system and has a proven track record in providing customers solutions that suit their business.

Customer interfaces

The ability to interface to customers existing ERP or LIMS systems is one of the major benefits of the DTS LIMS implementation.  Sample details and testing requirements can be transferred electronically by the customer, and receipt acknowledgement and results can be transmitted back to the customer system.  DTS has interfaced with customers operating a variety of systems, including SAP, WinLIMS and LabWare.